Welcome to Civilpedia
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Welcome to Civilpedia


Civilpedia is a place for open source learning.
Here, you can show off who you are, and teach everyone how to do anything.
Unlike Wikipedia, original research is allowed here, and encouraged.
A real Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe.

What can we do here?

Composer lets you get straight to writing with no hesitation.
Your pages can be open, where anyone can edit them, or closed, so only selected authors can.
Your pages can be unlisted, or publicly searchable, so anyone can read them.
You can assign pages to #chapters, to keep them organized! 

Who runs Civilpedia?

Civilpedia has been in continuous operation since 2010 and is maintained by humans who believe information freedom is fundamental to societal progress. It’s a small nonprofit project with much room to grow.
If you want to help us maintain this Pokédex, email [email protected]
Live long and prosper 💖