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Civilpedia is a website where anyone can teach everyone how to do anything.
We are gradually improving things around here, but this is fine a place for you to just be yourself.
The pages here have a wonderful editor that lets you get straight to writing with no hesitation.
Pages can be either open, where anyone can edit them, or closed, so only selected authors can edit them.
As well, pages can be private, or publicly searchable. 
You can also assign #categories to pages to help you keep things organized! 

Who runs Civilpedia?

Civilpedia is run by some fun folks in Oakland, CA. The site itself is running on a small server that's heating up a cold bedroom. We anticipate this should be sufficient for some time, as Civilpedia was written from scratch and packs a lot into very little memory. Eventually, we'll upgrade to a few more servers in the local community center, and warm up that building too. Donations for more RAM and SSD space are welcome!