Ultra-Fine Whole Wheat Flour is the new Autolysis
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Ultra-Fine Whole Wheat Flour is the new Autolysis

One recipe that I was interested in is no-knead sourdough bread, from King Arthur (https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/no-knead-crusty-white-bread-recipe).  I tried to re-create this recipe multiple times with whole wheat flour, but I didn't get the expected dramatic rise at all.
Initially, I thought that this problem might have no solution.  For instance, the website for Brod & Taylor, a baking equipment company claims that "Whole grains have a detrimental effect on a bread’s structure because bran particles interfere with bonding of gluten strands. (https://brodandtaylor.com/blogs/recipes/how-to-make-better-no-knead-bread)"  However, when reading another article that discussed flour texture (https://www.theperfectloaf.com/100-whole-wheat-sourdough/), I had the following realization:
Although Patrick Star is no intellectual giant, his approach actually would prove to be the most effective strategy.  To a certain extent, bran particles can still be broken into smaller pieces.  One company that has achieved this is the Sunrise Flour Mill, with its Ultra-Fine Heritage Whole Wheat Flour (https://sunriseflourmill.com/product/unifine-heritage-whole-wheat-flour/).  I decided to try to make a simple recipe that required 100% white flour, where I used this flour instead.
Link to recipe: https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/the-easiest-loaf-of-bread-youll-ever-bake-recipe
Here is how the flour looked inside the packaging.  It looked very smooth.
I noticed that when I started to knead the flour, it felt extremely smooth, something that I had not experienced with any other kind of whole wheat flour.  After the first rise, there were lots of bubbles.  Additionally, the loaf was very easy to shape into its final form.
After the loaf baked, I noticed there was significant rise, and there was no bitterness at all.  I did not need to perform any autolysis!  This wheat bread is extremely flavorful and chewy, which is uncommon among whole wheat breads.
The next step at this point will be to convince food companies to make this flour the standard type of flour.  The health benefits and easy kneading make this flour very beneficial.  It will take more time and power to grind the flour down to this level, but it is completely worthwhile.