The things I like to make
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The things I like to make

Nice to meet you, my name is ~j0ule.
I am a polymath who spends almost all their time exploring engineering & the universe of applied physics.
My specialty is design-for-manufacture. I run a business that helps turn conceptual drawings into something real, provided the product is related to our fields of expertise.
Most of my career has been spent helping venture-funded startups do exactly this.
The work I like to focus on generally follows a few themes:

Applied Physics

I really like applied physics, especially so when building machines. As fun as matlab is, it doesn't hold a candle to having fun with this DIY chemical vapor deposition machine, which I made to build my own transistors and solar cells.
I like to study electrons, optics, and electro-optics, as well as vacuum tube technology.
An electro-optics project that was particularly fun was Project North Star, an augmented reality headset I had developed the electronics and optics of for my friends at Leap Motion after reverse-engineering the HTC vive.
Another thing I really enjoy working on is advanced laser systems, like this q-switched KTP laser system I've been playing with recently. When I get it working to its full potential, I will be able to project pictures on clouds in the upper atmosphere.

Software & Embedded Electronics

I love working on software. I love software so much, that this very website was written by me in its entirety from a blank slate as a replacement for wordpress. Civilpedia is like if instagram and wordpress had a child. 
I didn't use any frameworks, but instead just used PHP and Javascript natively to get the best possible performance from the web server in my closet.
I greatly enjoy working on embedded electronics, and have invested a lot of time in both networking and digital signal processing. I have a lot of experience with high speed electronics too, such as creating video displays for computers and smartphones which support USB-C.
To make my life easy in this world, I developed a media access controller which allows me to perform arbitrary remote procedures over a TC/IP network as well as a multitude of other transport layers such as USB communications class and USART ports. 
I wrote an operating system for this MAC that allows me to run multi-threaded programs, which is compatible with both Arduino and ST-HAL to give me great flexibility when designing network attached systems. It has a BIOS and build system which is stable enough to allow me to share my code with my customers, and guarantee that it will compile many years from now.
This allows me to do many fun things, such as make network-attached industrial sensors and other computer peripherals such as LED lights.

Power Electronics

I am a skilled power electronics engineer, with particular interest in battery systems, high voltage systems, and pulsed energy systems. 
I have a lot of experience making x-ray power supplies and have made a great deal of money working with x-ray systems.
As well, I have a lot of experience with battery systems and their design:
One thing I enjoyed working with is field-oriented 3 phase motor control.
Here, I inject a high frequency current into my motor so that I can use the motor itself as a position sensor and turn it into a servomotor with no additional hardware.
This is just a small sampling of what I have been working on the past few years for both fun and profit. 
Nowadays, I mostly spend my time building new electronics and software products for myself and other people.