Storage Preparation Determines Quality of Meat
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Storage Preparation Determines Quality of Meat

(Note: I will probably expand this article in the future)
Meat directly comes from animals that were alive, so safety measures for raw meat storage preparation are especially important. Unfortunately, over the past century, many companies use very low-quality safety measures. One major consequence is that many of the meat's juices are lost, degrading quality and flavor.
The only kind of meat where storage preparation is not so important is meat from mammals, like beef, pork, and lamb. This is because this kind of meat contains a lot of fat, which generally preserves all of the moisture. The only exception is if the meat is lean, which has to be carefully cooked to preserve all of the juices.
Most poultry is water-chilled. This method is cheaper, but the meat loses flavor. The best solution would be to air-chill poultry so fluid does not enter the poultry. The resulting cost is somewhat more expensive, but the flavor is very fulfilling.
Fresh fish from most stores may seem like a good option. However, unless you live by the sea, the fish will be relatively low in flavor as water can easily escape. The best fish is flash frozen to preserve all flavor, at temperatures as low as -40 F.
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