Polaris FAQ
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Polaris FAQ

Q: What is Polaris?
A: Polaris is an open source augmented reality headset meant as a development platform for interaction prototyping.
Q: How can I build it?
A: Good Question! There are multiple variations of the reference design from leap motion. The reference design can be found here.
Q: Where can I get the lenses and electronic components?
A: While most of the design is 3d printable, there are components, like the Screens, Driver board, Lenses and leap motion controller that you will have to order. You can order your parts from here.
Please note that there are other parts such as screws, bolts, springs, and nuts in the reference design. Please reference the Bill of Materials for links to purchase. 
Q: What 3d printer should I get? 
A: Some of the parts for project northstar are a bit large, the ender series by creality seems to be a fan favorite among the discord if you're just getting started with 3d printing. If you want something that's a bit more expensive, check out the creality pro.
Q: How can I track my position?
A: The Intel RealSense T265 is good if you just want 6dof, but doesn't do world meshing or other cool features.
The Occipital structure core is great since it's cross platform and non GPU dependent and has more features, but it's more expensive than the Realsense. (Note that if you order this you need the black and white camera version and NOT the color version). There are members of Occipital here in the discord to answer more questions, check out the occipital-structure-core discord channel.
If you have a windows PC with a 1070 or above you can use the Zed Mini, but it only works with Nvidia CUDA which limits its use.
If you have a Vive already, you can use a vive tracker for 6dof tracking, but that's an outside in system and not portable.
Q: Why are people using other sensors in addition to the leap motion? 
A: The leap motion only does hand tracking, it can’t do positional tracking, which is what people are using the structure core or intel realsense sensors for
Q: What is calibration? Is it required?
A: Calibration refers to getting the image to appear properly on the lenses, due to the nature of the project there are minor differences between every build, it’s necessary to calibrate the distortion algorithm to make the image appear properly