Laser Microscope
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Laser Microscope

After witnessing the image of a mosquito magnified in a laser beam outside I decided to investigate the phenomenon further. I started by locating scuzzy water. Ponds lacking, I decided to take water out of the bowl of my 6 year old spider plant. I then proceeded to fill a syringe and hung it above a laser so that a drop of water, almost ready to fall, was in the beam path.

How it works

Here I show the incredibly complex apparatus involving a book, sticky-tac, a random bottle, a 250mW laser, and a plastic syringe. Glass ones don't work too well; it's had to get the drop of water to not fall.
When I turned it on and looked at the wall, it was astounding. A picture wouldn't do justice to show what I saw. There were paramecia, eating, swimming, fighting. It wasn't in great detail due to diffraction and other light artifacts, yet it was still awesome. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then that video atop is worth a million.