Fusor Update and Science Fairs
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Fusor Update and Science Fairs

Sorry I haven't written for a while, but the science fair and school have completely consumed my life. This is just a quick update on the fusor.
I am currently upgrading my vacuum system and and adding in a diffusion pump, which is a type of high vacuum pump used in series with a mechanical pump, this pump should allow me to reach pressures of less than 1 millitorr. I am also going to build a 50kV/5mA power supply, which should allow me to do fusion. I am also building a 6", spherical stainless steel chamber, complete with conflat high vacuum flanges, a nice high voltage feedthrough, an ion source operating off the magnetron principle, and a nice viewport.
Recently, I also entered my fusor in the science fair as part of a project titled "Effects of an Outer Grid on an Inertial Electrostatically Confined Fusion Reactor", and I received many awards!
I received the following awards:
  • Mars Society Grand Prize
  • 1st Place in Physics at the District Science Fair
  • District Fair Grand Prize
  • Superior Rating at Districts
  • Akron Council of Engineering and Scientific Societies Grand Prize
  • Bridgestone America Best Physics Project
  • 2nd in Physics at NEOSEF
  • Superior Rating at NEOSEF
  • The Office of Naval Research Naval Science Award
  • International Society of Automation Grand Prize
  • Superior Rating and Perfect Score at Ohio State Science Fair (no prizes like 1st 2nd or 3rd were given out)
I also received a perfect score at states, meaning my work will be published in the Ohio Academy of Science's Publication. And I will attend a Junior Academy of Science Conference in D.C.