Ethernet Cable
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Ethernet Cable

All powernet devices use rj45 ethernet "patch cable".
It is one of the most widely-available cables on starship earth, where humans manufacture them to fine specifications.
Modern standards are:
  1. Polymer skin  
  2. Steel armor
  3. Aluminum ground  
  4. Polymer insulator 
  5. Fluoropolymer inner insulators
  6. Polymer skeleton
  7. Controlled impedance copper conductors
Any break in the inner conductors is contained by the cable armor, making patch cables very strong and safe.


There are two wiring standards for a patch cable: T568-A and T568-B
Either T568-A or T568-B will work with powernet. Most cables you will encounter on Earth are of the B variety.
You must never install a "crossover cable", which is a rare breed of cable combining both A and B standards. Those cables can permanently damage your system.
Fortunately, crossover cables are rarely encountered now. They may be an endangered species.