Adding Shutdown to VESC 6
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Adding Shutdown to VESC 6

For whatever reason, Vedder never added shut down to the VESC 6.0, despite the power supply chip having this capability. Here is how to add it.

You will need...

The following components:
  • 10K Resistor
  • 3.3V Zener Diode
  • Thin Magnet Wire
  • 47K Resistor

Wire as follows...

  1. Magnet wire to Pin 55 of DRV8301. This can be tricky, make sure to not short any of the neighboring pins of the DRV3801.
  2. Then, bring the wire to the front of the board. You can use a diamond file to notch the circuit board to give it some space.
Next on the other side, wire up...
  1. Anode of Zener diode to 0 volts
  2. Magnet wire from Pin 55 to Zener cathode
  3. 10K resistor from 0V to Zener cathode
  4. 47K resistor from (+) to external wire
  5. A second external wire from Zener cathode
Connecting the two external wires together will enable the VESC 6. Leaving them disconnected will shut the motor controller down into a low power state.