A Pen and a Confession
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A Pen and a Confession

Alright, I need to confess to a terrible habit of mine: I lose pens like it is my job. While I have been making strides in keeping track of my pens it is still a problem, so I figured what might help would be having a pen that I have some sort of personal attachment to, that way I would make a constant conscious effort to not lose it. What better way to form a personal attachment to a pen than by making one? So that’s just what I did.I also just felt like making a pen, but the pen serves some practical purpose as well.
Here is the finished product:
The pen consists of part of a broken anodized aluminum camera tripod, a strange stainless steel bushing thing I found and machined to fit my needs, and a hex cap bolt that pushes the pen’s tip out when twisted. The pen was designed to take Pilot G2 refills, undoubtedly my favorite. The pen is refillable by heating up its tip and removing the stainless steel bushing, which is held in place by red Loctite adhesive.The pen writes very well, however it’s a bit top heavy, so I think I’ll cut it down and chance the refill to a pilot G2 mini refill. If there’s enough interest I may start making and selling these pens too!