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Civilpedia Bug Tracker

This is a list of active, and solved, or wontfix issues for Civilpedia.
Development help is welcome! Please reach out to @joule if interested.  
Feedback & Improvements
  • Use SMS not email, with active hours
  • Tag suggestions are not updating correctly
  • Search sometimes omits obvious results
  • Web Push API is a terrible notifications standard, deprecate and use SMS instead.
  • Write civilpedia getting started and help guide.
  • Upvote button for comments.
  • Generate a QR code for pages and posts.
  • Edit collisions are not detected on pages --this could lead to corruption. Maybe we should use git to track changes and cache the result using mariadb instead of live-editing mariadb? This could get hairy...
  • Syntax is not highlighted in editor, even though I followed quill’s docs specifically.
  • Copying text copies background color too
  • When making a new section sometimes everything in the following paragraph gets made boldface (wtf?)
  • Timestamps are shown as server time, not localtime.
  • Permissions for making secret content.
  • Configurable theme color?
Ideas and Wishlist:
  • Embedded pages / internal links. Pinterest's way of doing it looks pretty good.
  • Continuous auto-save.
  • Recompile highlight.js to support arduino code.
Tech Debt:
  • Serve images compressed so they take up less bandwidth.
  • Script to set up database automagically.
  • Make variable names more standardized and sensible.
  • Script to set file system read/write permissions.
  • A way to change all instances of a user name, and to safely delete users.
  • You cannot log out of a browser without logging out of every device.

Completed Tasks

[fixed] links without http now get http added by regex
[fixed] pages can have unlimited tags now
[fixed] got rid of header / banner section entirely
[fixed] When a page is empty there’s no “page is not written yet” default text (now lorem ipsum)
[fixed] Tagcloud mis represents the number of visible pages in a chapter.
[wontfix] Build table of contents feature?
[wontfix] Bad redirect loop on third party domain (but only sometimes...)
[fixed] comments on page would set waypoint and make the links people share skip the page content. no more waypoints on comments for now
[fixed] When you load a page for edit the formatting menu does not move to the right place until you scroll from the top of the page at least once. (ugh...)
[half fixed] Inline links don't link to external sites, whoops... (this now only works for links with explicit http(s) )
[done] “How do I make a page?” (its not clear you need to sign up). Fixed this by making the navigation menus so easy you can't accidentally miss the register/login button
[done] Add authors avatars to a page
[fixed] add nav buttons to login and register pages too
[fixed] When login with no direction, set "you" as the direction
[fixed] links inside () were not clickable
[fixed] inline user tags didn't click to the right place
[fixed] registration email check was broken
[fixed] registration email generators were broken during string_global changes
[wontfix] (big job?) Fulltext search of comments.
[wontfix] Add button to jump to first unread post in feed
[wontfix] Simplify subscription feed?
[wontfix] Segmented thread loading.
[fixed] When no comments exist and discussions are closed, the discussion label should go away.
[maybe fixed] The fonts in the comment editor are not WYSIWYG, Whoops.
[wontfix] Redirect you to page not to “t” page when clicking on a feed post
[fixed] Fail to jump to #results when clicking a tag on a user page.
[fixed] Fix problem where new comment box steals focus when you load a page
[fixed] Fix bug where “page is hidden” banner is not shown on mobile... also don’t make modal menu disappear when you click on “burn” or “discoverable”
[fixed] Make bio collapsible too if it's too large.
[fixed] Now when you click on the search box, tags appear
[fixed] Auto-load user bio when searching a specific user
[fixed?] Make ALL strings $STRING_ globals, then combine into a $STRING array.
[fixed] make editor fonts WYSIWYG
[fixed] broken string on registration
[fixed] broken padding for editing biography
[fixed] condense user / nav menu to single menu on mobile
[fixed] functionalized permissions
[fixed] functionalized comments
[fixed] threaded /nested comments
[fixed] Unify navigation menus
[fixed] People can't easily tell the difference between their subscription tracker and the search engine. Now there is only one menu.
[wontfix] Fulltext search of IRC history
[wontfix] Increase IRC flood limits. 
[wontfix] Auto-restart IRC connections and channel joins after server crash. 
[wontfix] Chat Zscore has a cache invalidation bug maybe exists.
[wontfix] Show tracked IRC channels in subscriptions list.
[wontfix] Push notifications for IRC Chat.
[wontfix] Sounds in IRC chat.
[wontfix] A way to store nickserv IRC password.
[wontfix] Name mention notifications in IRC channel. 
[wontfix] Image / file upload + previews in IRC (just reuse page fragment code).
[wontfix] Cap replies in a thread?
[wontfix] IRC robot to listen to channels / and / or rejoin people on dead socket.
[fixed] Permissions now functionalized
[fixed] Change link button to be an actual link, not box with arrow lmao
[fixed] scrolling was not working well in safari
[fixed] image upload was broken in safari
[fixed] adding a new image scrolled you to the top of the page in safari
[done] get rid of notion of group membership, replace with page follows only. 
[done] disable remove email verification
[wontfix]  A way for a chapter admin to move pages from one topic to another (how do permissions work for this?). (maybe pages should be assigned to chapters using tags...?)
[wontfix] You cannot remove a stuck page from your chapter if the page is no longer assigned to that group.
[wontfix] Readers digest email of your notifications?
[wontfix] Apple PWA
[wontfix] Apple Web Push
[done] Remove blog post tags
[fixed] Can't post comments on home-group pages
[fixed] Better CSS styles on "new_topic" button
[fixed] Persistent web services randomly crash -- new server hardware fixed this??
[fixed] Blogs' posts organized by last activity, not published date.
[fixed] Titles on blog posts don't support punctuation.
[fixed] The CSS for misplaced images on mobile is messed up.
[fixed] The header CSS on mobile is transparent and also messed up.
[fixed] It takes a very long time to load the editor for a page with lots of rich media, since we re-parse the entire page with quill for every instance of rich media. eliminated recursive calling of quill.setcontents()
[fixed] email@addresses are turned into @tags accidentally
[fixed] cannot paste youtube urls properly
[fixed] blog posts tags were accidentally suggesting page tags.
[fixed] youtube was not loading in quill.
[fixed] editor options menu partially chopped off by the navbar on mobile pages.
[fixed] white space was collapsed in code editor blocks.
[wontfix] Independent “welcome” page content per hostname?
[wontfix] Write welcome page content.
[done] Add check box so people can make the first page of their groups the landing page.
[fixed] Save button has no visual feedback.
[done] User-settable page / group permalinks
[done] Make pages show first instead of group cover page.
[fixed] Auto-add contributors after edits
[fixed] Hidden / discoverable toggle button does not hide banner.
[done] Added “you have not subscribed…” when subscription center is empty
[done] Fix the editor regex to not use global vars
[done] Make more screen space on IRC mobile page
[done] Make the top buttons persistent on mobile
[done] Restrict irc notifications to just P.M.s
[done] Domains dont have single sign on
[fixed] foci were not recomputed after notification change
[done] removed contributors list, moved it to a separate page just like comments
[fixed] regex function would accidentally delete BBCODE tags before parsing them 
[fixed] css looked weird between 1000 and 1200 px
[done] Add inline LaTeX editor to page editor
[fixed] Redis incoming chat messages have a memory leak, cannot use expiration to clear them. Maybe have a rolling list?
[fixed] Header cuts off buttons on mobile navbar
[fixed] Wdog didnt start push? 
[fixed] Tags delete whitespace in regeccxp
[fixed] Username tags dont show up on search?
[fixed] Missing images in page list not substituted
[fixed?] User-last-visited is not kept current (really?...) 
[done] GUI way to set image heights
[fixed] image heights accidentally applied sometimes
[fixed] Change 3 columns from 33% width to 32.8%
[fixed] search engine doesnt lowercase tags
[fixed] Could not put question marks in title 
[fixed] Uploading a new image does not preserve max-height
[fixed] Removing max height does not remove it from CSS
[fixed] Math tags disappear?
[done] Make image height settable
[done] Icon for web-push notification
[fixed] chat bubble counts were not updated, now fixed
[done] Make android / iphone icons
[done] Add a way to pin groups / pages in global context
[done] Added IDENT service to IRC
[fixed] Sockethandler nickname randomly changes
[fixed] Must manually start services (now watched by watchdog)
[done] Substr page content for search results
[done?] Full-text search of page discussions
[done?] Simplify the search logic on /s/index.php
[done?] Migrate usernames to a UUID (W.I.P)
[fixed] reinstated page comments, but not embedded
[fixed] webPush would crash due to missing method in guzzle
[done] Add push device manager
[done] Push notifications to phone (for threads)
[fixed] Missing avatars are blank
[done] add IRC role playing command
[fixed] Settings were too wide on homegroup pages
[fixed] Post page headers were broken
[fixed] Fix how section anchors are set 
[fixed] animation on avatar settings page was messed up
[done] Add username suggestions (surprisingly helpful)
[fixed] Simplified settings / page panels somewhat, they were a mess before
[done] tag suggestions
[done] Persist hide/disco banner on edit s
[done] Make sticky editor actions menu
[done] Get rid of sections and replace them with regex titles
[wontfix] Add page activity tracker --functionality exists already in subscriptions
[fixed] Hidden / discoverable is backwards
[fixed] channel history on un-joined channel was outdated, now wipes on focus
[done] Add hostname-specific administrators
[fixed] Join button on irc modal menu, added universal button overlay & simplified animation
[fixed] simplified keyword search query 
[fixed] removed duplicate data in db
[fixed] Unreads not working in chat again
[fixed] Chat has NaNs
[done] unify control panel page search
[done] add timeline to subscriptions
[done] Pass $page_type_ to search engine loader
[done] make featured image / editor placement have better styling
[done] added stored metadata to image uploads
[done] simplified and unified image file uploads
[fixed] Options panel does not reload properly
[fixed] FIx navbar CSS formatting
[fixed?] Posting in channel makes channel unread for you (lol)
[fixed] CSS styles for send / receive bubbles are saved despite nick changes
[fixed] Each user has a copy of PMs so you can delete yours but not the others
[fixed] PMs are now private you cant read someone elses even if you change your nick
[fixed] We dont get new trackers for PMs unless logged into a chat window, move tracker generation server-side for private messages.
[fixed] bug where you werent able to load old PMs
[fixed] added flood protection to server-side listeners
[fixed] moved IRC request response listeners server side for better performance
[fixed?] All messages from everyone show up as loopback messages in a channel!
[done] Add a way to delete IRC trackers
[fixed] notifications were conflicting on the chat page
[fixed?] private messages corrupted on nick change
[fixed?] nickname changes not working right
[fixed] Semaphores were not working right so move them to redis
[done] System status page
[done] Chat navbar notification numbers are wrong
[done] Mut-able chat notifications
[done] highlight unread group threads, and page threads activity tracker. Maybe do it like discourse where it just keeps a list of “stuff since your last visit”.
[done] Store nickname changes in db
[fixed] IRC names sort function dont show admins first
[done] Make chat notifications sensible
[done] Make file names more standardized and sensible
[done] Rate limit irc posts
[fixed] Prevent empty IRC sends
[fixed] IRC was not working on firefox
[fixed] Page editor new rich content buttons were not working right
[fixed] Simplified settings panels
[fixed] Make page header blink for new chat message
[fixed] System pages would show up in search
[beta] (bigjob) add IRC client
[done] Add unread irc messages to feed activity
[done] Scripts to clean database of improper data
[done] Admin Management Page
[fixed] Pinned pages not selective enough, must be selective to specific groups
[done] Change mail() to imap_mail using queue & sql
[done] Preload tags in new post when selected on search page
[done] Preserve focus when adding rich media
[done] Experiment how text-free header buttons look, they look good.
[fixed] Add a way to ban spamming users
[fixed] Added way to track all of the things you are subscribed to
[fixed] Not auto subscribed to new threads made by email (make a checkbox?)
[fixed] Admin-only button to purges / groups, child pages, and, comments to the great beyond (for deleting spam).
[fixed] Add admin-only button to purge threads and children to the great beyond (for deleting spam).
[fixed] “new page” tossing a permissions error
[fixed] Bounced emails are not handled (they are now just deleted, checking for X-Failed-Recipients in header as a test)
[fixed] bug where feed was not updated properly if the user saw a thread post which was loaded asynchronously
[fixed] Add a tracker to emails so we can know when a user reads a message, and not double-notify them in the feed.
[fixed] record username who edited a post
[wontfix] Captcha for new users so we don't have spambots join (lets put that in verify email page?)
[fixed] Button to add math
[fixed] Support Mathjax? Should be easy. (was not easy).
[fixed] Made welcome page content be editable
[disabled] back button, it was too broken / inconsistent
[fixed] Add a function to jump to "first unread" in feed. Also added “last unread” function too.
[fixed] Posts would try to load even if no posts were avail.
[fixed] Timeline on feed is going to absolutely explode in complexity if we use it as a stream for new group content. Solution: remove group threads from timeline unless subscribed explicitly.
[fixed] Add support for system pages
[fixed] Add “mark all as read” button
[fixed] Add clickable bumps on timeline to show unread post location in feed.
[fixed] serious bug where incomplete substrings were accidentally matched when determining permissions
[fixed] use loading spinners instead of "saving" on blocks, posts, config panels
[fixed] syntax highlighter on all posts not just pages
[fixed] syntax highlighter formatting
[fixed] Make hero image only = preview block, not always shown.
[fixed] Made all rich media for groups, hidden in search, not just heros
[fixed] Removing yourself from contributors or admins list doesn’t reload permissions properly
[fixed] pinned thumbtacks show up in inappropriate places
[fixed] titles can contain special chars: add filter
[fixed] add pinned posts
[fixed] pinned pages & groups
[fixed] Post edit history? Or flag?, “did an admin edit my post?”
[fixed] a way to enable sysadmin mode
[fixed] order users, pages, groups, alphabetically in control panel
[fixed] function that auto-save pages (executes on clicking “finish”)
[wontfix] maybe add a timeline to page comments?
[fixed] unchecking “enable replies” doesn’t hide “new post” element on threads
[fixed] bug where you could verify email by re-using the same key is fixed
[fixed] bug where you could plausibly register someone elses email in a race condition is fixed
[fixed] make it so you cant post if the email is not verified
[fixed] email verification for new users
[fixed] login button did not show up
[fixed] “add sections” button between sections
[wontfix] administrator edit button not shown on personal feed
[fixed] permalink and quote did not show on post reload
[fixed] You menu has bad formatting
[fixed] Can’t delete your own post if posted in a user group?
[fixed] have pages with disabled comments
[fixed] have threads with disabled comments
[fixed] user accidentally updates own feed activity when posting
[fixed] create new group threads via email
[fixed] pages had incorrect comment count
[fixed] update title bar with new feed count
[fixed] update title bar when new thread post
[fixed] calculate feed unreads periodically
[fixed] Timeline un-draggable on mobile
[fixed] replying to threads via email
[fixed] Make feed have persistent count,
[fixed] Enter doesn’t submit login / register forms
[fixed] min length of username and password wasn’t global 
[fixed] password change was broken
[fixed] login was checking for incorrect username
[fixed] fix html email formatting, relative image paths need to be made absolute for email
[fixed] database corrupts unicode
[fixed] images support gifs
[fixed] comment count on pages
[fixed] <em> and <strong> tags trailing newlines accidentally removed
[fixed] blockquote jump to post should jump to waypoint instead
[fixed] keywords dumps group_id on group people search
[fixed] privacy policy header broken
[fixed] File rate limiting
[fixed] file metadata & upload collision protection
[fixed] codeBlocks was hackable
[fixed] paragraphs (simulated now)
[fixed] back button is really hosed
[not sure if real bug] topics have random margin on mobile?
[fixed] modal hider sometimes doesnt disappear
[fixed] top border shows on search page
[fixed] quote posts
[fixed] timeline on threads
[fixed] change unread-highlighter on posts to instead highlight the post based on the URL fragment
[fixed] file uploads (add to regexThePlanet)
[fixed] make images take less area/space on mobile
[fixed] make password system secure (used sha3-256)
[fixed] make pages support new threads as comments
[fixed] {no tags} placeholder
[fixed] add ability to subscribe to pages
[fixed] regexThePlanet formatting on blogposts
[fixed] fix "add media" and "add code" buttons on page editor
[fixed] loading-more spinner has wrong height on mobile
[possibly fixed] detect when back button does nothing and then fallback to PHP function
[fixed] "restore" button not available after admin deletes user post, but is available on refresh
[fixed] blog tags need more indentg
[fixed yikes this was serious bug] why is there an edit button adam's comments, for pete on adam's group?
[fixed] auto-save page metadatas onblur
[fixed] figure out weird JS error when pushing block down below its limit
[fixed] following specific users
[fixed] add subscriptions to groups
[fixed] no edit button when contributing to user-group`
[fixed] no means of getting new post notifications via email
[fixed] make settings consistent style
[fixed] rate limit css style on posts
[maybe fixed] block re-order still unreliable (why?)
[fixed] image upload broken?
[fixed] remove custom user landing titles, replace with name
[fixed] "updated" -> "none
[fixed] change topics from quote to bubble
[wontfix] no means of setting location for groups
[fixed] rate limiting on blogposts
[fixed] add "last activity" for users and groups
[fixed] rate limiting on new groups and pages
[fixed] figure out sensible feed flow
[fixed] no button to make a new group yet
[maybe fixed] fix page header tabs "back" history & search options 
[fixed] new posts on user-groups have no bottom border
[fixed] need loading animation for appended posts etc
[fixed] no loading bar for uploaded photos 
[fixed] deleted page redirects not working right
[fixed] [bug] transparent pngs are blackend
[fixed] cog shows when no options
[fixed] change "publish" to "searchable" on navbar
[fixed] modal disappears when clicking 'delete'
[wontfix] make posts support 6 tags too
[fixed] sometimes 'new-posts' are corrupted
[fixed] cant post on user-group threads
[fixed] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'charAt' of undefined 
[fixed] hide only usernames on people search
[fixed] a way of banning users from group
[fixed] admin options broken when no admins
[fixed] delete page uses verification
[fixed] un-delete buttons for pages and posts
[fixed] feed backbutton() broken
[fixed] add tags on user profiles
[fixed] people show up as groups, lol. make people search-type
[fixed] banner broken on main search
[fixed: use admins] how should we handle deleted pages?
[fixed] delete page is broken
[fixed] make user profile pages
[fixed] toc is gone
[fixed] add group moderators
[fixed] backbutton waypoints are messed up on blogs
[fixed] navbar-cog busted
[fixed] when avatar failed upload, have notification
[fixed] fix hover on blog tags
[fixed] collapse threads in search so they dont take up whole page 
[fixed] "closed" checkbox on contributors
[fixed] fade-out 'more' style
[fixed] login formatting broken
[fixed] store number of replies in thread and give thread timestamp
[fixed] no means of tracking read / unread comments yet
[fixed] codebrush formatting broken
[fixed] cant add section as a mod on other persons page
[fixed] make posts have a default name
[fixed] posts have no parents or comments
[fixed] no means of replying to a thread yet
[fixed] duplicate tags on search
[fixed] fix default page name
[fixed] pages don’t delete
[fixed] filter doesn’t save searchtype
[fixed] Push block up? still broken (seems to work tho...)
[fixed] No means of uploading images to server w/o imgur
[fixed] group keyword search broken? 
[fixed] search scroll loader doesn’t exclude groups
[fixed] feed not unfollowing users
[fixed] have a null answer when no groups
[fixed] auto update page header when saving intro block
[fixed] search glass in keywords box
This has been so much work