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Welcome! Civilpedia is a website for the world, where anyone can teach everyone how to do anything. 

What can Civilpedia do?

We are gradually improving its features, but at its core Civilpedia is a place to share projects and collaborate with people. It currently supports Pages, Discussions, Blogs and IRC Chat. 
  • Pages are places for information inside groups or blogs. They are a great place for tutorials or collaborative projects, and have a wonderful editor that lets you get straight to writing right away!
  • A contributor is someone who is responsible for what's on a page.
  • Pages can have discussions and followers, to help people stay informed and in contact. When someone follows a page, they get an email (and at some point in the future, a text message) when there's new things to know.
  • You can assign #categories to pages to help you keep them organized.
  • Pages can be either open, where anyone can edit them, or closed, so only contributors can edit them.
  • Pages can be private, or publicly searchable.
Discussion Threads:
  • Threads are a place to ask questions, get answers, and come to consensus on whatever subjects you might want to talk about.
  • Everyone on Civilpedia has a blog, where they can share with the world anything they might have to say. Just like groups, you can subscribe to new posts on a blog. 
Chat: (chat is buggy and has been disabled)
Internet Relay Chat is a place for people to talk in real-time with other people in a freenode #channel. Unlike traditional IRC, the posts in the channels you visit on Civilpedia are recorded so you don't always have to be logged in, and so newcomers can see what happened in the conversation.

Who runs Civilpedia?

Civilpedia is run by some nerds in Oakland, CA. The site itself is running on a small server that's heating up a cold bedroom. We anticipate this should be sufficient for some time, as Civilpedia was written from scratch and packs a lot into very little memory. Eventually, we'll upgrade to a few more servers in the local community center, and warm up that building too. Donations for more RAM and SSD space are welcome!